Anime Expo 2020!

It has been over a week now, since Anime Expo 2019 blasted off at the Los Angeles Convention Center! With the nice Southern California heat, long waiting periods and.........yup, good ol' complimentry earth quake from mother nature herself. Let's talk about it!

This year Anime Expo filled the city with all type of Anime lovers. To be exact, it was estimated more than 350,000 people that attended. Last year for 2018 had estimated only 110,000 attendees! What a huge outcome for 2019. Seeing all of the cosplays that everyone was wearing was amazing! It made the waiting period seem alittle better. People was waiting for over 3 hours just to get in the Convention Center. Line Con, I mean, Anime Conventions as big as this is expected, luckily we had our faithful hot dog stands to keep us energized! 

The weather wasn't bad considering us being a Southern California native, it was quite nice actually. We hope that mother nature didn't scare off some people that came from out of state. California loves you guys! 

As for the Anime Expo 2020, we know that there has been questions floating around about Anime Expo returning to L.A. but now we know, it is OFFICIAL! Anime Expo will be back in Los Angeles for another year. How exciting is that!? We will surely be there on July 2nd-5th of 2020 and we hope to see everyone!

You can get more information at the Anime Expo official website by visiting