Frequently Asked Questions

How do we package our product?

For Apparels:

When we package your shirt, care is our highest priority. We believe in saving the world! That's why the poly bags that we use for packaging are recyclable, low-density polyethylene, FDA and USDA compliant.

For Stickers: 

We know how disappointing it is to receive bent and damaged stickers, that's why we ALWAYS send our stickers in a tough, rigid, stay flat mailer, to insure your sticker arrives at your door steps the way it left ours.

For Pins & Accessories:

Our Pins and Accessories are always delivered in a soft padded (bubble) envelope to prevent any scratches or damages during transit. The padded envelope provides a nice bubble cushion so that the item doesn't easily gets damaged.


How long does shipping usually take?

Please allow 2-7 Days for your orders to be fulfilled. Once we've fulfilled your orders, we will send it out as soon as we can. You will also be notified of your tracking number, via email. We do our best to make sure that you receive your t-shirt the same way it was when it departed from us.

In some occasions, some of our items are limited in quantity due to high demands, please allow an extra 2-5 days for your item to be made and shipped.


I bought an Apparel and an Accessory/Sticker(s) at the same time, why did I only receive one of the items?

In some cases, apparels run out of stock at our main location and to keep our operations running smoothly, we contact our partner to make, and ship out apparels from their warehouse at a different location.

Please, do not be worried if you received one item before the other. In this case, each of the items were shipped separately, which is why you're getting one of the products. Each item will also come with its own Tracking Number. All of your orders will eventually get to you, unless it exceeds more then our estimated shipping date.

In an event where it exceeds more then our estimated shipping date, please contact us to resolve the problem.


What is the best way to apply a sticker? 

We recommend that you clean the surface with soap and water, making the surface free of any finger grease or dust. (DO NOT use Windex or anything that has harsh chemicals, the adhesive will not stick) After you have ensured the surface is free of grease and dust, you may apply the sticker by peeling it half way, folding the "white" back paper in half and apply, peeling the back paper away as you apply the rest of the sticker.

If you plan on applying the sticker to your car, please make sure you're in a cool, shaded area and that the surface you're applying it on is not burning hot or freezing cold.

Following these methods will help prevent any "air bubbles" that can be trapped under the sticker while it's being applied.

Once the sticker is applied, try to avoid using any harsh chemicals to clean the stickers surface. Soap and water is fine.

***Please allow atleast 3 Days for the sticker to properly adhere to the car before putting any water on the stickers. This will allow a solid bond***


If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us using the "Contact" tab on our home page. Thank you!